Rina Recruitment and Staffing Romania

Hire Construction Workers with Rina Recruiting Company

Are you looking to hire skilled labor and construction workforce for your next project? If yes, then the good news is that We can help you source international human resource in Romania for construction industry. Recruit experience construction staff easily with Rina recruitment. 

Our team has dedicated recruiters who have vast overseas recruiting experience for construction industry. We help clients find out the ideal construction staff who will ensure timely delivery of the project while ensuring budget constraints. 

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Many of our clients trust us with construction staffing because two primary reasons, Rina recruitment provide cheap construction labor as well as we specialize in sourcing skilled manpower form overseas regions. 

We supply Construction staff in Romania for the following roles

  • Construction Expeditor 
  • Civil Engineers
  • Electricians 
  • Building Inspector
  • Safety Manager
  • Carpenter
  • HVAC Technician
  • Field Engineer 
  • Estimator 
  • DryWall Fisher
  • DryWall Installer  
  • Crane Operator 
  • Site Manager
  • Purchasing Coordinator 

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